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Author Topic: Tutorial-Dual Boot Matriux with windows  (Read 6319 times)

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The following tutorial explains how to Dual boot Matriux with Windows.In this tutorial we use Windows XP and the process is similiar for All windows version.

This tutorial is divided into 3 sections
1.Pre-Installation Phase
2.Installation Phase
3.Post-Installation Phase

1.Pre-Installation Phase

(This step is for deleting existing windows partition to make room for Matriux)

Before you proceed further,please back up the data

The following steps are for easy installation of Matriux with windows, you may skip this if you are fimiliar with Advanced partitioning Methods

Step 1:Login into your windows Box, Right-click on My Computer and select Manage Option from the menu.

Step 2: From the Pop Up window select Disk Management

Step 3: Right click on the partition in which you want to install Matriux as shown (here im using Partitio E) and Select Delete Logical Drive (it can be a primary drive too).

Step 4: Select Yes from the Dialog Box (If you press yes, Data in partition is lost)

Step 5: Put Matriux Live DVD into DVD tray, restart the system and change First Boot Device to DVD DRIVE in BIOS settings (which can be found in Advanced Options in most of the Motherboards)

2.Installation Phase

Step 6: Boot from the Matriux DVD and go to KDE start Menu -->System --> Install

Step 7:Select the Installation language and press Forward

Step 8:Select your time zone and press Forward

Step 9:Select Keyboard layout and press Forward

Step 10:Select Use the largest continous free space and press Forward

Step 11: Select the free space and press New Partion button

Step 12: Select Partition type as either primary or logical, Put / as Mount point

Step 13: press Ok and proceed with the installation (here we are assuming there is enough memory availabe i.e., there is no swap space)

Step 14:Fill in your details and set password and press Forward

if you have multiple disks and want to install Boot loader on another disk press Advanced Button --> Select the appropriate disk

Step 15: Press Install and installation should begin (this will take some time,so have some coffee or tea Smiley )

Step 16: Once installation is done, restart the system by pressing Restart Now button

3.Post-Installation Phase

Step 17: you should be able to see Boot loader (congratulations you have installed Matriux successfully in your system Cheesy ) select Matriux Lithium and press enter

Step 18: Login with your Details and enjoy

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Happy Hacking Smiley


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