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Author Topic: How to Use Nipper - Network Infrastructure Parser  (Read 14703 times)
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Nipper is a Network Infrastructure Parser (with an extra P for good measure). It takes it's input from a network devices configuration file(s), processes it/them and generates a nice friendly report. Nipper is platform independent, supports a range of network devices from different manufacturers and the report output can be in a variety of formats.

The latest version of Nipper is covered by the GPL v3 license. For more details, refer the following links:

How to use?

Lets get into action. Open a matriux console and type "nipper --help" (without quotes). The user will be prompted with the nipper help. See the following image:

To use the tool, we need to have access to the configuration of the router / equipment. An example is the output of show run or show start command directed to a text file. A sample configuration file is attached with this post for learning purpose. Filename - configuration.txt

Once we have the configuration file available under the present working directory, we can generate the report using the following command:
nipper --ios-router --input=configuration.txt --output=report1.html

--ios-router specifies that we are processing a Cisco IOS-based router configuration file.
--input=configuration.txt is the file name containing the configuration file that will be processed, and
--output=report1.html is the output file name. The output will be written to a file named report1.html.

How to view the output?

Just open the output report file - report1.html in any web browser. A sample output report is attached herewith for reference.


Access to a configuration file is required to use this tool. However, the comprehensive security report generated makes it a mandatory tool in the arsenal of any security tester.
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Author Topic: How to Use Nipper - Network Infrastructure Parser(Read 14703 times)
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Both of the attachment links are broken. Nice post though :-)

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