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Author Topic: Installing Matriux Krypton on Vmware 8 with VMware Tools  (Read 6096 times)

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« on: June 21, 2012, 09:03:30 PM »

I made a comprehensive video detailing the process here on youtube:
But if you prefer the text version, here you go!  Smiley

1. Start VMware Workstation 8.
2. Select Create a new virtual machine or File>New Virtual Machine.
3. Select the custom option and browse for your .iso file.
4. choose linux and Debian 5 for the operating system type.
5. Customize the memory and processor allocations to your personal preference (at least 8 Gb disk, I
    recommend 10+). Make sure to use NAT.
6. Boot the new operating system.
7. Log in as Matriux - password is "toor"
8. From the start button, click accessories>root terminal and enter toor for the root password
9. Type gparted and then enter to run the disk partitioning tool
10. Click on "Device" at the top and select new partition table.
11. Right-click on the partition and select new, then drag the slider from the right until you have given the
      new partition all but 1500-ish Mb (leave that as free space). Then click Add.
12. Right-click the remaining 1.5 Gb of free space and click new, change the File System from ext2 to
      linux-swap and click add again.
(The OS should auto mount itself here but if it doesn't, the manual steps are detailed in the video)

13.  Double-click the "Matriux Disk Installer" and click yes.
14. Select /dev/sda1 for the partition.
15. Select /mnt/os as the partition for the installation.
16. Select that yes, you do want to install Grub and choose /dev/sda for grub's installation location.
17. Choose your name and then login ID, followed by your login password and root password.
18. Probably choose "en_US" for the locale, unless you happen to know yours is something else.
19. Confirm and then let it install! =)
20. Once the computer boots after install, click on your virtual machine's name on the left of VMware, click
      power, and then reset to get your login working.
21. Then just login with the password you created and enjoy!!!   Cheesy

For instructions on how to enable VMware tools on Matriux and thereby enable networking, see video link above.

Hope this is helpful for you guys!  Grin

Author Topic: Installing Matriux Krypton on Vmware 8 with VMware Tools(Read 6096 times)
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« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2012, 12:40:41 AM »

Thank you for making the video !

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