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Author Topic: Installing Matriux Krypton on Virtual Box / Hard Disk Drive  (Read 8672 times)
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If you are installing on Hard Disk Drive scroll down to the instructions from "Step 000X"

Follow these series of screenshots to install Matriux Krypton until I create a more brief tutorial and a video

Start the virtual box

Click new and select Operating System as Linux and Version as Debian

Allocate the RAM memory for the Installation

Create a Virtual Hard Disk for the installation usually more than 6GB is recommended

Choose the type of Virtual Disk you want to create

After these start the Virtual machine, Since it is the first time it will prompt us so that a Disk Image (ISO image) can be mounted. Browse and locate the ISO image

Start Matriux in live mode

Type the password as toor when prompted.

Step "000X"

Open up a terminal and type gparted to start the gparted interface

If it is a new unallocated partition then Device > Create Partition   ( else if it is a used disk space then skip the next step and go to formatting it)

Now create the partition

Format the filesystem and close gparted

Now open a terminal and mount the partition we just created

mkdir /mnt/matriux
mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/matriux

Now start the Matriux Installer from the desktop and It should be easy for you now

Go Ahead and choose the partition that we mounted in the earlier steps

After a couple of basic steps you will find this

Thats it reboot and you are done!!!
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