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Title: Installation and usage of AIR a quick view
Post by: babloo on June 18, 2011, 05:55:20 PM
AIR(Automated Image and Restore)

AIR(Automated Image and Restore) Imager is a GUI front end for dd its easy to create and restore digital images .It have the following features
Image verification via MD5 or SHA1
Image compression/decompression via gzip/bzip2
image over a TCP/IP network uses netcat/cryptcat
wiping (zeroing) drives or partitions.

To access air,
type air in terminal

To take a image of a drive you can select destination path and image compression technique, if you want to split the image into parts you can specify the space in Size , By clicking on Show status windows button you can observe different status of the selected devices configuration. We can even wipe out / rewrite a drive with zeros by selecting zero as a connected device , You can connect a remote computer and take its image or restore a image on it by selecting NET as a connected device.